Service and Action

Posted on May 25, 2015


By : Ms. Rindang

Developing awareness that a person belongs to community has to start in early ages. Children have to be brought to their community and learn that they are part of it. Through service and action programme, Stella Maris International School encourages students to become aware of their roles and their responsibilities as members of communities.

Charity is one realization of the programme. Students are exposed to poverty, misery and sadness that exist in the world around them by visiting some orphanages, retirement houses and childcare facility. This programme certainly requires students to take an active part in an immediate community in which they live. They are given a good chance to share happiness with the needy and unfortunate ones.

Service and action programme, thus, emphasizes on developing community awareness and community concerns and the skills needed to make an effective contribution to society. It also encourages empathy and respect toward others that can lead to a deeper understanding of the community. Engaging students in positive actions and contact with other social and cultural environments can enrich them emotionally, socially, morally and culturally.