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Platinum Generation (Part 2)

April 28, 2015


By : Maria S. Santy The term “Platinum Generation” is defined as a generation that is more advance. The Platinum Generation is made for better, successful and proud making generation. In fact, they will be equipped with the understanding of the meaning and the purpose of life, global thinking as well as time and self […]

Platinum Generation (Part 1)

August 27, 2014


By: Maria Santy The Director Program Division of UNICEF Headquarters, New York in October 2000, gives an analysis of what quality education all about. Based on his explanation, Quality Education includes some important issues, such as : Learners who are healthy, well-nourished and ready to participate and learn, and supported in learning by their families […]

Creating Humanistic Learning

December 6, 2013


By: Anna Indarwati The system of humanistic perspective should be created in educational institutions. During these times our education has been oriented to authoritative style for the learning process. This style is realized in a way how teachers put themselves as the centre or the only knowledge resources while treating the students as an empty […]

Creating Platinum Generation

October 18, 2013


A series of time always bears a new unique generation. Such as, Baby Boomer generation ( 1946 ) who was born after the World War II, Generation X who was born during 1965 – 1980, generation Y , the so – called “millennium generation”, was born during 1981 – 1995, and now we know that […]

Bravo Indonesia!

July 23, 2013


By: Anna Indarwati “Indonesia is excellent while participating Physic Olympiad, considering until 2013 we have got more than 100 gold medals, our young generations got these medals by joining Science Olympiads” said Yohanes Surya in a show called “100 Gold Medals Dedication of The Youth” in Jakarta. During the last 20 years Indonesia succeed to […]

Build an Entrepreneurial Spirit

June 3, 2013


By: Anna Indarwati  The historical record tells us clearly how the youth became pioneers of the birth of major changes. When we trace back, let us say, how a revolution in France happened in the 18th century. The country changed from a dark world, facing of a feudal and regime system under the guise of […]

Education in Family is the Foundation of Character Education

October 23, 2012


By: Anna Indarwati  Children are gift of God for the survival of life on Earth. Parents are the first and foremost educators for young children. As the time passes, the first and foremost role is then entrusted to the school institution. On the other hand, it also exists through the influence of social interaction, influence […]