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International Franchising

August 13, 2014


By: Cahyo Eko Putranto, S.Pd., MM. Franchising is one of numerous promising businesses for entrepreneur in the world. Franchised companies, such as McDonald’s, KFC and Century 21 Real Estate, are experiencing much of their growth in international markets. For example, McDonald’s opened 286 units abroad in 2009. The trend toward globalization in many industries is […]

The Positive Power of Setbacks: 14 Ways to Use Setbacks to Reach Success

June 27, 2014


By: Romelen Papa You’ve been working hard to eat better, but one day you binge at Taco Bell. Or, you’ve tried to quit smoking several times. You made it a few days once, a week the next time, and three weeks the most recent time. Congratulations! I don’t mean this sarcastically, but I do mean to get […]

6 Vital Entrepreneur Skills for a Successful Small Business

April 11, 2014


By: Cahyo Eko Putranto Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, not everyone has the proper skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. The right skills are certainly a plus, but just like an athlete, an entrepreneur can always learn and hone his or her skills to improve performance. A small business owner new to the […]

When Good Parents Have Difficult Children: It’s Not Your Fault

February 12, 2014


By: Romelen Papa Do you feel like you’re a great parent with a difficult child? Do you find that you’re constantly analyzing your parenting skills? Do you carry around some guilt because your kid is the bully or troublemaker? It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself and start giving yourself the break you […]

The Impact of Entrepreneurial Firms on Society

December 12, 2013


By: Cahyo Eko Putranto The innovations of entrepreneurial firms have a dramatic impact on society. Think of all the new products and services that make our lives easier, enhance our productivity at work, improve our health and entertain us. For example, smart phone, social networks, internet shopping, overnight package delivery, and digital photography, all these […]

Types of Start–Up Firms

November 21, 2013


By: Cahyo Eko Putranto Hello there, how’s life hanging? Let’s start the day with knowledge to elevate us to a higher achievement. Well, talking about entrepreneurship there are three types of start-up firms that you guys can begin with. The first is salary–substitute firms. It is a small firm that gives up a level of […]

Build an Entrepreneurial Spirit

June 3, 2013


By: Anna Indarwati  The historical record tells us clearly how the youth became pioneers of the birth of major changes. When we trace back, let us say, how a revolution in France happened in the 18th century. The country changed from a dark world, facing of a feudal and regime system under the guise of […]