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February 25, 2014


By: Cahyo Eko Putranto Hello young entrepreneurs, how are you? Entrepreneurs always come up with ideas and realize it into certain product or service. After they decided what kind of business they want to do, the next thing to think about is branding. How they brand the product or service? Well, let’s take a look […]

Creating Humanistic Learning

December 6, 2013


By: Anna Indarwati The system of humanistic perspective should be created in educational institutions. During these times our education has been oriented to authoritative style for the learning process. This style is realized in a way how teachers put themselves as the centre or the only knowledge resources while treating the students as an empty […]

Types of Start–Up Firms

November 21, 2013


By: Cahyo Eko Putranto Hello there, how’s life hanging? Let’s start the day with knowledge to elevate us to a higher achievement. Well, talking about entrepreneurship there are three types of start-up firms that you guys can begin with. The first is salary–substitute firms. It is a small firm that gives up a level of […]

Creating Platinum Generation

October 18, 2013


A series of time always bears a new unique generation. Such as, Baby Boomer generation ( 1946 ) who was born after the World War II, Generation X who was born during 1965 – 1980, generation Y , the so – called “millennium generation”, was born during 1981 – 1995, and now we know that […]